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Graph providing evidence for confirming sibling relationship given matches at single nucleotide polymorphism loci.

Is it possible to correlate clinical outcomes with genomic data? What unique risks does genomic data pose to personal privacy? Guest lecturer Christopher Cassa discusses how single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) could be used to identify sibling genotypes. (Figure from Cassa, Christopher A. et al. "My Sister's Keeper?: Genomic Research and the Identifiability of Siblings." BMC Medical Genomics 1, no. 32 (2008).)


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HST.950J / 6.872

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Fall 2010



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Course Description

Analyzes computational needs of clinical medicine reviews systems and approaches that have been used to support those needs, and the relationship between clinical data and gene and protein measurements. Topics: the nature of clinical data; architecture and design of healthcare information systems; privacy and security issues; medical expertsystems; introduction to bioinformatics. Case studies and guest lectures describe contemporary systems and research projects. Term project using large clinical and genomic data sets integrates classroom topics.

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