There are four homework assignments for this course, in addition to the final project and presentation. See the calendar for posting and due dates.

1 Clinical databases
2 Extracting meaning from text
3 Gene expression and mathematical foundations

Project proposals:

Please submit proposals for projects for the class. Students may complete the project alone or pair up with one or two other students. It is generally quite helpful for each team to include students with different backgrounds. Topics for projects can include anything that is relevant to the class material. Your proposal should include a list of the people who will be working on the project, a title, and a one-page description, with enough detail that the instructor can provide feedback to help direct your work.

Final Project Presentations

Each single student will have a 15 minute slot, including time to set up and take questions and teams will have 25 minutes. Presentations should be no longer than 10-12 minutes for individuals, and about 20 minutes for teams.