Lecture Notes

SES # TOPICS Lecture Notes
L1 Historical Background Lecture 1 (PDF)
L2 Wave Nature of the Electron and the Internal Structure of an Atom

Lecture 2 (PDF)

Lecture 2 Supplement (PDF)

L3 Two-Slit Experiment. Quantum Weirdness

Lecture 3 (PDF)

Lecture 3 Supplement (PDF)

L4 Classical Wave Equation Lecture 4 (PDF)
L5 Quantum Mechanics: Free Particle and Particle in 1D box Lecture 5 (PDF)
L6 3-D Box and Separation of Variables Lecture 6 (PDF)
L7 Classical Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator Lecture 7 (PDF)
L8 Quantum Mechanical Harmonic Oscillator Lecture 8 (PDF)
L9 The Harmonic Oscillator: Creation and Annihilation Operators Lecture 9 (PDF)
L10 The Time-Dependent Schrodinger Equation Lecture 10 (PDF)
L11 Wavepacket Dynamics for Harmonic Oscillator and PIB Lecture 11 (PDF)
L12 Looking Backward Before First Hour Exam Lecture 12 (PDF)
E1 First Hour Exam [No Lecture Notes]

Interaction of Light with Matter

Lecture 13 (PDF)

Lecture 13.5 (PDF)

L14 Non-Degenerate Perturbation Theory I

Lectures 14–15 (PDF)

L15 Non-Degenerate Perturbation Theory II
L16 Rigid Rotor I Lecture 16 (PDF)
L17 Rigid Rotor II Lecture 17 (PDF)
L18 Perturbation Theory III Lecture 18 (PDF)
L19 Hydrogen Atom

Lectures 19–20 (PDF)
E2 Second Hour Exam
L20 Hydrogen Atom (cont.)
L21 Helium Atom
Lectures 21–22 (PDF)
L22 Helium Atom (cont.)
L23 Many Electron Atoms Lecture 23 (PDF)
L24 Molecular Orbitals I
Lectures 24–25 (PDF)
L25 Molecular Orbitals I (cont.)
L26 Molecular Orbitals II Lecture 26 (PDF)
L27 Qualitative Molecular Orbital Theory

Lecture 27–28 (PDF)

L28 Qualitative Molecular Orbital Theory (cont.)
L29 Modern Electronic Structure Theory: Basis Sets Lecture 29 (PDF)
E3 Third Hour Exam [No Lecture Notes]
L30 Modern Electronic Structure Theory: Electron Correlation Lecture 30 (PDF)
L31 Using Gaussian Lecture 31 (PDF)
L32 Intermolecular Interactions Lecture 32 (PDF)
L33 Electronic Spectroscopy and Photochemistry
Lectures 33–34 (PDF)
L34 Electronic Spectroscopy and Photochemistry (cont.)
L35 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Prior to lecture, please watch the NMR video tutorials

Lecture 35 (PDF)

L36 Course Review / Makeup Lecture [No Lecture Notes]
E4 Final Exam [No Lecture Notes]