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Working in teams, students conduct interviews as part of their analysis of a real-world business initiative. (Photograph courtesy of Jenn Borton. Used with permission.)


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Fall 2003



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The comprehensive Project Handbook includes a full explanation of the steps students take to complete their projects, as well as a sample of previous topics. The conceptual readings prove useful to students as they analyze a real-life change initiative. Teams for this project are assigned randomly, and these first-year MBA students complete 15.328 and other "core" classes together. More information about this educational approach can be found in the course pedagogy section.

Course Description

The Team Project has the goals of (1) developing teamwork and leadership skills and (2) learning from the analysis of a change initiative in a real-world company using concepts from other core courses. This class has no regular class schedule or weekly readings. Almost everything is oriented around your team and your project, with only a few deadlines. Each team is responsible for analyzing a recent, ongoing, or anticipated initiative at a real company. Examples might be a strategic reorientation, organizational restructuring, introduction of a new technology, or worker participation program.

This course is closely integrated with other MBA core classes: readings are assigned through Organizational Processes (15.311) and oral presentations are given in Communication for Managers (15.280).

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