All students were required to respond to each paper (PDF).

1 Human Variation: Challenges in human genomics, Variation, haplotypes, LD, Common and rare variant association

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2 Trait Association: Common and rare variant association, Mendelian vs. Complex, Basics of an association study, Phenotypes

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3 Personal Genomics and Ethics: Research studies: Consent, privacy, returning results, Medical applications: Testing, public health issues, obligations to relatives, privacy, Consumer options: Carrier testing, newborn testing, genetic testing, Gene editing: Benefits, ethical issues, where to draw the line


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Prenatal / Newborns

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Gene Editing

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4 Interpreting Coding (Rare) Variants: Rare variant detection from exome sequencing in family studies, Aggregate analyses (e.g. ExAC), Classifying function (PolyPhen), Overlapping constraint

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5 Interpreting Non-Coding (Common) Variants: Enriched cell types, Causal variants: Epigenomics, Comparative Genomics, Target genes: HiC, genetic links, activity links, Upstream regulators: Regulatory motifs, TF binding

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6 Bayesian Fine-Mapping and Multi-dimensional GWAS: Fine-mapping (Posterior probabilities). Bayesian models for computational fine-mapping, Multi-dimensional GWAS (Multi-Phenotype, Multi-ancestry, Multi-variant)

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7 Intermediate Phenotypes and QTLs: eQTLs, meQTLs, and other molecular traits, Allelic activity, Causality and mediation analysis, Mendelian randomization analysis

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8 Heritability and Phenotype Prediction: Missing heritability, heritability estimation, heritability partitioning, Polygenic risk scores, Predicting intermediate phenotypes

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9 Human Ancestry and Population Genetics: Coalescent theory. Recent Selection, Sweeps, Selection Pressures, Population Stratification. Admixture Mapping, Ancestral genome sequencing and analysis

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10 Cancer Genomics and Single-Cell Genomics: Genetic alterations: Somatic mutations, mutational signatures, rearrangements, Epigenetic alterations: Methylation, miRNAs, reprogramming, origin, Convergence at the regulatory region, gene, pathway, cellular level. Guiding convergence with physical, genetic, and activity networks

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11 Experimental Manipulations: Genome editing and CRISPR, Experiment multiplexing, Screening and selection

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12 Final presentations n/a