Database, Internet, and Systems Integration Technologies

Photograph taken inside One Wilshire of the cabinets used to hold networking equipment.

Inside One Wilshire. Cabinets hold the networking equipment inside One Wilshire, a 30-story "carrier hotel" in Los Angeles that is home to nearly 300 global internet and telecom service providers worldwide. (Photo courtesy of Xeni Jardin on Flickr.)


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1.264J / ESD.264J

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Fall 2013



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Course Description

This course addresses information technology fundamentals, including project management and software processes, data modeling, UML, relational databases and SQL. Topics covered include internet technologies, such as XML, web services, and service-oriented architectures. This course provides an introduction to security and presents the fundamentals of telecommunications and includes a project that involves requirements / design, data model, database implementation, website, security and data network. No prior programming experience required.

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