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Table of Contents (all three essays) (PDF)

Author's Preface (PDF)

ESSAY 1: Dimensional Analysis of Models and Data Sets: Similarity Solutions and Scaling Analysis
Summary (PDF)
Complete Essay 1 (PDF - 1.5MB)

MATLAB® file:

danalysis.m (M)

ESSAY 2: A Coriolis Tutorial (Essay 2 is revised in September 2010)

Summary (PDF - 2.1MB)

Complete Essay 2 (PDF - 7.5MB)

MATLAB® files:

galook.m (M)

ftransform.m (M)

twowaves.m (M)

geoadj_1d.m (M)

partslope.m (M)


Fortran file:

geoadj_2d.f (F)


Animation files:

ga2d_eta_lat0.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_eta_lat10.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_eta_lat20.mpg (MPG - 1.2MB)

ga2d_eta_lat40.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_eta_lat60.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_u_lat10.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_u_lat20.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_u_lat40.mpg (MPG)

ga2d_u_lat60.mpg (MPG)

igwaves_beta.mpg (MPG)

ESSAY 3: Lagrangian and Eulerian Representations of Fluid Flow: Kinematics and the Equations of Motion

Summary (PDF)

Complete Essay 3 (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 2.7MB)

MATLAB® files:

gwavemovie.m (M)

basinlook.m (M)

basintracks.m (M)

Fortran files:

basin.f (F)

basinsubs.f (F)