Lecture Notes

1 Introduction
2 Work Session: Background Research
3 New Orleans Context (PDF)

Tremé Context Map (PDF)
4 Work Session: Background Research
5 New Orleans Environmental History/Context (PDF)

Guest Lecturer: Dan Etheridge
6 Data Report-back (PDF)

Demographics Group Presentation
7 Work Session

Housing and Environmental Group Presentations (PDF)
8 Survey Development

Environmental Group Presentation (cont.) (PDF)
9 Work Session (PDF)
10 Housing Group Presentation (cont.) (PDF)
11 Work Session: Trip Presentation
12 Work Session: Trip Presentation (cont.)
13 Work Session: Trip Presentation (cont.)
  Site Visit (8 Day Trip) (PDF)
14 Racism, Society, and New Orleans

Guest Lecturer: Gus Newport, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Former Mayor of Berkeley, CA
15-16 Work Session
17 Update on Student Projects (PDF)
18 Check-in/Work Session
19-25 Work Session
26 Final Presentation