Urban Development in Conflict Cities: Planning Challenges and Policy Innovations

A photograph of two children in Gaza City – one child has visible stitches under his nose and across his cheek.

Pictured here are two children in Gaza City after the 2008–2009 Gaza War. This course will analyze regions plagued by violence and unrest. (Image courtesy of andlun1 on flickr. License CC BY-NC.)


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Fall 2015



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Course Description

Economic, religious, gender, and ethnic differences must be negotiated every day in the urban arena. When tensions and conflict escalate into violence, the urban space becomes the battlespace in which these tensions are negotiated. This course examines urban development challenges in conflict cities through multiple disciplinary perspectives on urban conflict. This course also reviews literature that focuses on when violence and cities intersect. Students will learn about policy innovations, and study potential planning, design, and policy solutions.

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Jota Samper. 11.488 Urban Development in Conflict Cities: Planning Challenges and Policy Innovations. Fall 2015. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, https://ocw.mit.edu. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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