Week 1
1 Tour Shanghai: Jin Mao tower and Pudong waterfront; Yuyuan garden and market; Xintiendi project; evening on Bund waterfront  
2 Travel to Suzhou; visit Suzhou gardens  

Visit in Suzhou: silk factory, canal town

Return to Shanghai in evening

4 Shanghai planning institute; French Concession historic district  
Week 2

Arrive in Beijing, get settled in guesthouses

Meet Chinese students, organize teams, buy bicycles

2 Begin studio, visit site Assignment 1 (site clues) out
3 Work  
4 Work  
5 Site clues presentation  
6   Assignment 2 (preliminary plan) out
7 Tour in Beijing: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven  
Week 3
1 Work  
2   Design directions due
3 Leave for Shanxi province Preliminary plan due

Tour Shanxi: Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Hanging Monastery

Evening on Mount Wutai

5 Visit Wutai; Jinci temple; travel to Pingyao walled city  
Week 4
1 Visit Pingyao; return to Beijing in evening  
2   Assignment 3 (design development) out
3   Design development due
4 Visit Great Wall  
Week 5
1   Assignment 4 (final presentation) out
2   Final presentation