Computer Games and Simulations for Education and Exploration

A student is seated at a table, looking down at a homemade board game. The game consists of a series of round spaces that the player must move through.

A student in 11.127 examines one of the board games made by his classmates. (Image courtesy of Andrew Whitacre on Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0.)


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11.127J / CMS.590J / CMS.836J / 11.252J

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Spring 2015


Undergraduate / Graduate

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Course Description

This course immerses students in the process of building and testing their own digital and board games in order to better understand how we learn from games. We explore the design and use of games in the classroom in addition to research and development issues associated with computer–based (desktop and handheld) and non–computer–based media. In developing their own games, students examine what and how people learn from them (including field testing of products), as well as how games can be implemented in educational settings.

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Eric Klopfer. 11.127J Computer Games and Simulations for Education and Exploration. Spring 2015. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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