Students are given the following instructions:

In groups of three or four analyze, improve, and test one advertisement (newspaper, radio, magazine, TV, Internet, etc). In this project you will be asked to use what you have learned in the class to provide a detailed analysis of an ad in terms of target audience, the benefits it provides and the way it works (think about an ad as a tool and describe its function). Based on your analysis suggest an improved version of the ad and test the new ad on the appropriate target customers to see if indeed it is better. Note this is a fuzzy task and the parameters are not well specified, which is true about most aspects of life. Submit a short paper (up to 10 pages) and prepare a 5-minute presentation for class.

Final Papers

6-8 pages total:

  • 2-3 pages: Analyze company.
    • What is their product?
    • What kind of ads do they use?
    • What kind should they use?
  • 2-3 pages: Describe your project.
  • 2 pages: Did it work?
    • What would you change if you could make another ad?
    • Recommendations for company?


  • In class, session 14.
  • 5-10 minutes, follow same format as papers.