The Theory of Operations Management

Outside of a factory building with smokestacks.

By focusing their operations directly on customers, some manufacturing businesses have gained competitive advantages. (Image courtesy of Ede Bittle, EDE.DESiGN.)


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Spring 2004



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The classes include student presentations of different research papers, which lead into group discussions. Readings are drawn from a range of classical and recent research papers.

Course Description

The doctoral seminar 15.764 focuses on theoretical work for studying operations planning and control problems. This term's special topic, "Customer-Driven Operations," considers how a number of companies have succeeded in focusing their operation systems on the customer. The class reviews the quantitative models and theoretical tools underlying some of the customer-driven operational practices of these cutting-edge companies. Students will read and present research papers on topics such as distribution systems, short life-cycle product management, and forecast evolution models.

This MIT OpenCourseWare site is dedicated to the memory of Bhuwan Singh, a member of the class.

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