To ease navigation through the 15.667 web site, the topics, readings, and assignments for each class have been split into separate pages. An overview of the calendar is presented in the table below. A version of the syllabus and calendar is also available that lists all aspects of each class together.

Course syllabus and calendar, including assignments and readings (PDF)

1 Introduction and Course Overview
2 What Kind of Negotiator am I?
3 Distributive and Mixed Motive Bargaining
4 Integrative and Mixed Motive Bargaining
5 Competitive and Cooperative Styles and Do Gender or Culture Make a Difference?
6 Negotiating in Context
7 Origins of Conflict – Dispute Prevention – Delegating Conflict Management to the Disputant
8 Your Employer's Dispute Resolution and Complaint Handling System
9 Conciliation and Mediation
10 Investigation, Arbitration and Exceptionally Difficult People
(Double class, 6 hours)
11 More Negotiating with Difficult People