Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes and provided below. Note that some information on these lecture slides may refer to simulations, role plays, or videos that were only shown in class.

1 Introduction to Negotiations No lecture notes
2 Slicing the Pie: How to Win Lecture 2: Slicing the Pie (PDF)
3 Expanding the Pie: How Both Parties Can Win Lecture 3: Expanding the Pie (PDF)
4 The Negotiator's Dilemma and Discovering your Style Lecture 4: Negotiator's Dilemma (PDF)
5 Difficult Tactics and Overcoming Obstacles to Win-Win Lecture 5: Overcoming Obstacles (PDF)
6 The Centrality of Relationships Lecture 6: Relationships (PDF)
7 Cross-Cultural Negotiations Lecture 7: Cross-Cultural Negotiation (PDF)
8 Autonomy and Status Lecture 8: Autonomy and Status (PDF)
9 Multiparty Negotiations and Coalitions Lecture 9: Multiparty Negotiations and Coalitions (PDF)
10 The Power of Fairness and Ethics in Negotiations Lecture 10: Fairness and Ethics (PDF)
11 Internal Negotiations No lecture notes
12 Student-Led Simulations and Presentations No lecture notes
13 Wrapping It All Up No lecture notes