During Orientation, each student was assigned to a team. The goal of these teams is to help everyone learn more effectively than they could as independent individuals. Each team will work together on several assignments and exercises in 15.311. The most significant of these is that each team is required to produce a team project for the semester. For reasons of administrivia, students will be enrolled jointly in 15.311 (Organizational Processes) and the 15.328 (Team Project class), with the grades locked across the two classes (i.e., each student will receive the same grade in 15.311 as 15.328).

The major requirements of the team project are

  1. the writing of a team project report (delivered to the OP faculty);
  2. the presentation of the team project in the 15.280 Communications class.

This project will involve students going into the field and studying an organizational change initiative. More details on the team project will be covered when we kick off the team project in Session 3 on September 11.

The team project is worth 50% of your grade for 15.311.

For more information about the team project, see the projects page for 15.328, Team Project class.