Competition in Telecommunications

Commerce Secretary Evans presenting in front of a chart of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Department of Commerce Secretary Donald Evans presenting in front of a U.S. frequency allocation chart, which regulates what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum can be used by different telecommunication services. (Image courtesy of U.S. Department of Commerce.)


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15.020 / 14.28

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Fall 2003


Undergraduate / Graduate

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Since class participation is an important part of this course, students prepare by reading from books, articles, and web sites. Written reports give students the opportunity to analyze business opportunities and regulatory decisions. Members of the class have the added advantage of being able to meet and have dinner with guest speakers.

Course Description

Competition in Telecommunications provides an introduction to the economics, business strategies, and technology of telecommunications markets. This includes markets for wireless communications, local and long-distance services, and customer equipment. The convergence of computers, cable TV and telecommunications and the competitive emergence of the Internet are covered in depth. A number of speakers from leading companies in the industry will give course lectures.

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