History and Anthropology of Medicine and Biology

An illustration from a natural history book on whales, showing the comparative anatomy across species, including dugong and bowhead whales.
This illustration compares the anatomy of the hand across several species. These anatomical differences are important in the classification of life. Diagram E is a human arm, useful for comparison. (Hamilton, Robert. "The Natural History of the Ordinary Cetacea, or Whales." 1837.)


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STS.330 / HS.246 / 21A.319

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Spring 2013



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Course Description

This course explores recent historical and anthropological approaches to the study of medicine and biology. Topics might include interaction of disease and society; science, colonialism, and international health; impact of new technologies on medicine and the life sciences; neuroscience and psychiatry; race, biology and medicine. Specific emphasis varies from year to year.

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