Lecture Notes

Lec # Topics
1 Introduction: Disease, Medicine, and Society (PDF)
2 Health and Disease Before Columbus (PDF)
3 Virgin Soil Epidemics (PDF)
4 The Health of Colonists (PDF)
5 Disease and the Environment (PDF)
6 Urbanization and Public Health (PDF)
7 The Decline of Tuberculosis (PDF)
8 Epidemiological Transitions and Health Disparities (PDF)
9 The Determinants of Health and Disease (PDF)
10 Debate: Disease History and Health Policy (PDF)
11 American Indian Medicine (PDF)
12 Colonial Medical Theory and Practice (PDF)
13 Inoculation and Vaccination (PDF)
14 Self Help and Heroic Medicine (PDF)
15 Medical Education (PDF)
16 The Rise of Hospitals (PDF)
17 Race, Gender, and Medicine (PDF)
18 Psychiatry and Mental Health (PDF)
19 Anesthesia and the Rise of Surgery (PDF)
20 Germ Theory and the Therapeutic Revolution (PDF)
21 Public Health Politics I: Plague in Chinatown (PDF)
22 Medical Technology and the Modern Hospital (PDF)
23 Specialization and Medical Education (PDF)
24 Public Health Politics II: HIV/AIDS (PDF)
25 Health Care Policy: Access and Cost (PDF)
26 Disease and Society in the 21st Century (PDF)