Recitation sections meet for one hour each week. They are not included in the course calendar.

1 Introduction: Disease, Medicine, and Society
Part 1: Changing Patterns of Health and Disease
2 Health and Disease Before Columbus Trans-Atlantic Epidemiology
3 Virgin Soil Epidemics
4 The Health of Colonists Health and the Environment
5 Disease and the Environment
6 Urbanization and Public Health Urbanization and Health
7 The Decline of Tuberculosis
8 Epidemiological Transitions and Health Disparities Epidemiological Transitions
9 The Determinants of Health and Disease
10 Debate: Disease History and Health Policy Paper 1 due
Part 2: Medicine and Society
11 American Indian Medicine Colonial Therapeutics
12 Colonial Medical Theory and Practice
13 Inocutation and Vaccination Medicine in the 18th century
14 Self Help and Heroic Medicine
15 Medical Education Creating a Medical Profession
16 The Rise of Hospitals Paper 2 due
17 Race, Gender, and Medicine Scientific Racism/Sexism
18 Psychiatry and Mental Health
Part 3: The Rise of Modern Medicine
19 Anesthesia and the Rise of Surgery Therapeutic Revolutions
20 Germ Theory and the Therapeutic Revolution
21 Public Health Politics I: Plague in Chinatown Paper 3 due
22 Medical Technology and the Modern Hospital Medical Technologies
23 Specialization and Medical Education
24 Public Health Politics II: HIV/AIDS Public Health Revisited
25 Health Care Policy: Access and Cost
26 Disease and Society in the 21st Century Paper 4 due