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Videos, slides and other materials on individual projects can be found on the projects pages.

1 Introduction to NextLab

Video and Slides


Proposal selection process (PDF)

Project proposal presentations

Video and Slides


Needs assessment (Guest lecture by Rachel Hall-Clifford)

Video and Slides

Team formation

Video and Slides


Class logistics

Video and Slides

Planning ICT4D Interventions

Heeks. "ICT4D 2.0: The Next Phase of Applying ICT for International Development."

Donner et al. "Stages of Design in Technology for Global Development."

Pentland et al. "DakNet: rethinking connectivity in developing nations."

Video and Slides by Michael Gordon


Economic and social conditions

Technology survey / ICT penetration

Banerjee and Duflo. "The Economic Lives of the Poor."

Video and Slides by Sreya Sengupta

Jensen. "The Digital Provide: Information (Technology), Market Performance, and Welfare in the South Indian Fisheries Sector."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

6 Milestone 1: Elevator pitch, including related work  

Social and cultural considerations (PDF)

Malink. "Design of Health Care Technologies for the Developing World."

Video and Slides by Santiago Alfaro

Caldwell. "Cultural and Social Factors Influencing Mortality Levels in Developing Countries."

Video and Slides by Jon Varsanik

8 Milestone 1 continued  

ICT4D history

Kumar. "eChoupals: A Study on the Financial Sustainability of Village Internet Centers in Rural Madhya Pradesh."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student


Milestone 3 requirements

Video and Slides

Milestone 2: Presentations on needs assessment results

11 Milestone 2 results (continued)  


Parishk et al. "Design studies for a financial management system for micro-credit groups in rural India."

Slides by anonymous MIT student

Parikh and Lazowa. "Designing an architecture for delivering mobile info services to rural developing world."

Video and Slides by Oliver Wilder-Smith

Mehdi et al. "Text-Free User Interfaces for Illiterate and Semiliterate Users."

Video and Slides by Ted Chan

Mehdi and Toyama. "Full-Context Videos for First-Time, Non-Literate PC Users."

Video by Scot Frank


Two guest lectures:

1) An Introduction to the GSMA’s Mobile Innovation Market and Development Fund. (Guest lecture by Andy McGuire, GSMA.)

2) Microsoft Innovation Partnership Program (Guest lecture by Smeeta Hirani, Microsoft.)

Video and Slides

Milestone 3: Presentations on system design and initial implementation results



Health (PDF) (Courtesy of Gari Clifford. Used with permission.)

Clifford, G., et al. "Medical information systems: A foundation for healthcare technologies in developing countries."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Blaya et al. "A web-based laboratory information system to improve quality of care of tuberculosis patients in Peru: functional requirements, implementation and usage statistics."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Anantraman et al. "Handheld computers for rural healthcare: Experiences from research concept to global operations."

Video and Slides by Crystal Mao

Sherwani et al. "HealthLine: Speech-based Access to Health Information by Low-literate Users."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Fraser et al. "An information system and medical record to support HIV treatment in rural Haiti."

Video and Slides by Clark Freifeld

Malkin, "Technologies for clinically relevant physiological measurements in developing countries."

Video and Slides by Sameer Hirji

15 Milestone 3 results (continued)  

Disaster management

Health (continued)

Szot et al. "Diagnostic Accuracy of Chest X-rays Using a Digital Camera for Low-Cost Teleradiology."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Plauché and Nallasamy. "Speech interfaces for equitable access to information technology."

Video and Slides by Anastasios Dimas

17 Milestone 4: Sustainability and financial factors  
18 Milestone 4 continued  


Leach. "DEEP IMPACT: an investigation of the use of information and communication technologies for teacher education in the global south."

Video and Slides by Rashmi Melgiri

Kam et al. "Localized iterative design for language learning in underdeveloped regions."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Kremer and Miguel. "Worms: Identifying Impacts on Health & Education in Presence of Treatment Externalites."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student


Mobile money and transactions

Wishart. "Micro-Payment Systems and Their Application to Mobile Networks."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student

Vodafone and Nokia. "The Transformational Potential of M-Transactions."

Video and Slides by anonymous MIT student


Video by M. Ehsan Hoque

21 Milestone 5: Demo  

Milestone 5 continued

Nextlab Final Presentation Template


23 Milestone 6: Final presentation practice  
24 Milestone 6 continued  
25 Conclusion  

Final presentation event

Opening remarks by Jhonatan Rotberg and Luis Sarmenta


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