Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 3 sessions / week, 1 hour / session


There is no required text for this course. However, the following three books are recommended:

Reference Text

Buy at Amazon Ugural, A. C. Stresses in Plates and Shells. 2nd ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1998. ISBN: 0070657696.

Supplementary Texts

Buy at Amazon Shames, Irving H., and Clive L. Dym. Energy and Finite Element Methods in Structural Mechanics: SI Units. Raton, FL: CRC, 1996. ISBN: 0891169423.

Buy at Amazon Timoshenko, Stephen P., and S. Woinowsky-Krieger. Theory of Plates and Shells. 2nd ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies, 1959. ISBN: 0070647798.

Grading Policy

Homework 40%
Mid-term self-quiz Not graded
Final quiz 40%
Class participation 20%


1 Preliminary, index notation, strain-displacement relation for continuum and plates
2 Derivation of plate equilibrium equation and boundary conditions through variational principle
3 Selected bending solutions for plate problems
4 Theory of moderately large deflection of elastic plates
5 Example problem with axi-symmetric plate/membrane
6 Buckling of plates, general formulation Homework 1 due
7 Buckling of rectangular plates
8 Raleigh-Ritz quotient for plate buckling
9 Buckling of cold-formed section and stiffened plates Homework 2 due
10 Self-evaluation by a mini-quiz in the first half an hour Self-quiz due
11 Discussion of the mini-quiz
12 Ultimate strength of plates and elastic/plastic buckling Homework 3 due
13 Elastic buckling of cylindrical shells (1)
14 Elastic buckling of cylindrical shells (2)
15 Fundamentals of structural plasticity Homework 4 due
16 Limit analysis of simple plastic structures
17 Energy absorption and crashworthiness of prismatic tubes
18 Local denting analysis of tubes and propagating buckles in pipelines Homework 5 due 1 day before Lec #18
19 Cutting and denting of plates with application to collision and grounding of ships
20 Final quiz Final quiz in-class portion due

Final quiz take-home portion due 3 days after Lec #20