Study Materials

Textbook Chapters

Below are two excerpts from the textbook for this course (Buy at Amazon Strang, Gilbert. Computational Science and Engineering. Wellesley, MA: Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 2007. ISBN: 9780961408817.).

Chapter 1: Applied Linear Algebra; Section 1.1 Four Special Matrices (PDF)

Chapter 4: Fourier Series and Integrals; Section 4.1 Fourier Series for Periodic Functions (PDF)

Appendix: Linear algebra in a nutshell (PDF)

MATLAB Information

Spring 1999 MATLAB Homework

MATLAB Homework 1 (PDF)

MATLAB Homework 2 (PDF)

MATLAB Homework 3 (PDF)

MATLAB Homework 4 (PDF)

MATLAB Homework 5 (PDF)

MATLAB Homework 6 (PDF)

Class Resources

  • Movie of elimination: moe.m (M) (also need realmmd.m (M))
  • Code to create K,T,B,C as sparse matrices (HTML)
  • MATLAB backslash command to solve Ax = b (PDF)
  • Gradient and divergence / parallel table (PDF)