Lab Report Guidelines (PDF)

Many of the supporting MATLAB® files include contributions from the 2006 class TA Eric Weiss, and are presented here with permission.

Lab 0 MATLAB® tutorial (PDF) (Courtesy of Michael Siracusa. Used with permission.) Self-test (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 1 .txt file, and 1 .mat file.) (Courtesy of Courtney Lane. Used with permission.) Michael Siracusa
Lab 1 The electrocardiogram (PDF) (ZIP - 1.4 MB) (The ZIP file contains: 12 .txt files, 11 .mat files and 1 .m file.) Dr. Julie Greenberg
Lab 2 Speech coding (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 2 .mat files and 13 .m files.) Dr. Julie Greenberg
Lab 3 Post processing brain MRI Images (PDF) (ZIP - 26.8 MB) (The ZIP file contains: supporting data files, 9 .m files and 2 .gz files.) Dr. John Fisher
Lab 4 Registration of medical images (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 1 .mat file and 22 .m files.) (Image files courtesy of the project, "Retrospective Image Registration Evaluation," National Institutes of Health, 8R01EB002124-03, Principal Investigator, J. Michael Fitzpatrick, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.) Dr. William Wells
Lab 5 Blind source separation (PDF) (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: 10 .dat files and 7 .m files.) Dr. Gari Clifford