Installing the 6.01 Software on Macs

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Note: Python is pre-installed on MacOS X, but it is often an older version. For this class we will be using Python 2.6.x.

  • First open a Terminal window (from the Applications/Utilities folder). Type python and see whether it says Python 2.6.x. If not, follow the Install Python instructions.
  • If you have Python 2.6, type import numpy. If that fails, then follow the Installing Numpy instructions.

A. Install Python

You can get a Python 2.6.x DMG installer (Mac Installer disk image) here: Python 2.6.6

B. Installing Numpy

You should also install numpy, a package that will be used in later labs. This file is available here: numpy 1.6

C. Installing 6.01 Libraries and Soar

Download the 6.01 modules to a convenient directory (e.g., ~/Desktop). Open a Terminal window, navigate to the Desktop directory by typing a command of the form

> cd ~/Desktop

Usually the download process will open and expand this file into a directory. If you don't see a directory lib601-3-500, then unpack the modules by typing

> tar xvzf lib601-3-500.tar.gz

Then change directories and do the installation with

> cd lib601-3-500
> sudo python install

You can now delete all of the files created by this operation (i.e., ~/Desktop/lib601-3-500.tar.gz and its associated directory tree). You should now be able to run soar by typing soar at a terminal command prompt.


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