Third Reflection Paper: Partnerships/Enterprises

Third Reflection

Subject: Waste Management Partnership / Enterprise / Actor

The third paper is a chance to select either a:

  • Specific actor (for example: Waste Management, Save that Stuff, Wecyclers, Sanergy, Enevo, etc.)
  • Specific partnership (for example: Casella and the City of Cambridge)


  • Introduce the actor or partnership (history, competition, business model, size (revenue and employees), any trends in their size)
  • Discuss their role in the waste management system
    • Who are their partners
    • Where do they work
    • What is their comparative advantage
    • Who are their competitors
    • What role do they serve in the waste management system (for example: Collection, transportation, etc.)
    • What types of materials do they handle and how much per year
    • Has there been any press (positive or negative) on their work
    • Is anything from these models transferable to developing settings? How would that work?
  • Analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (a SWOT model)
  • End with your conclusions about the actor or partnership
    • Do you see this as a lasting model?


  • 4–5 pages; 4 pages in writing, more with charts / graphs
  • Helvetica Size 12; 1.5 spacing or less

Evaluated on

  • Scope of paper
  • Synthesis of material presented
  • Integration of class content


  • Background
  • Detailed analysis and synthesis of researched material
  • Propose an actionable outcome from research that either you (the student) or some other actor could move forward
    • For example:
      • What gaps need to be filled in the existing research?
      • What actions could propel further movement in the space of your research?