Project Results

2011 Projects

The following projects were developed during the 2011 class. (Content is courtesy of the students and used with permission.)


Barrel on Fire

Team: Jessica Artiles, Vivian Dien, Kurt Tsuo

Low cost dugout and sealing process improves the agri-waste charcoal-making process by reducing heat exposure and safety risk to the user Barrel on Fire report (PDF - 1.5MB)

Dehusking Insert

Team: Benji Moncivaiz, Bensey Schnip, Missy Showers, MIT student

A cheap, local process which dehusks rice more conveniently; this allows for personal consumption and income generation Dehusking Insert report (PDF)

Orange Juice Bag Sealer

Team: Carter Chang, Brianna Conrad, Bus Leonard, Emily Rosser

Improvements on a low-power heat sealer device to preserve surplus orange juice in single-serving plastic bags for transport and later sale Orange Juice Bag Sealer report (PDF)

Solar Cellphone Charger

Team: Elizabeth de Regt, Juan D. Diaz, Sidhant Pai

Compact device to convert solar energy to a usable voltage for charging cellphones, to be built locally in Nicaragua Solar Cellphone Charger report (PDF)

Design Review Presentations

These design review presentations were given three weeks and one week prior to the end of class.

2010 Projects

D-Lab: Energy was first offered in 2010. For reference, these projects were undertaken during the 2010 class; no futher materials are available.

Charcoal Stove A culturally appropriate charcoal stove that physically and visually integrates into existing local wood stoves
Plastic Bag Sealer A device for sealing single use plastic bags for long term juice storage
Solar Cell Cutter A device for accurately scoring and cutting scrap solar cells to be made into cell phone chargers
Solar Water Distiller A device for distilling salt water to be used in deep cycle batteries in solar installations