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HW01_2012.m (M)

The broadcast ephemeris file to use is mit0090s.10n (TXT) (containing the 10 satellites visible at MIT at 15:15 GPST) and the full set of satellites mit00900.10n (TXT). The GPS interface control document icd200cw1234.pdf (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF) will be useful for this homework. The sub-section of ICD2000 that discusses the broadcast ephemeris is icd200cw1234.Nav.pdf (This resource may not render correctly in a screen reader.PDF - 1.3MB)

Rinex Definition (TXT)

M-file to read Broadcast file ReadNav.m (M)
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Homework covers estimation methods using simple linear regression and GPS-like clock problem.
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Data mitb076s.12o (TXT) mitb0760.12n (TXT)

mitb0760.12o (TXT) rovr0760.12o (TXT) (optional files)