1 Rock-forming Minerals: Olivine and Spinel
2 Rock-forming Minerals: Pyroxenes
3 Rock-forming Minerals: Pyriboles
4 Rock-forming Minerals: Feldspars
5 Classification, Chemical Variations and Graphical Representations
6 Fractional Crystallizationa and Magma Mixing in Mid Ocean Ridge Basalts (MORB)
7 Compositional Systematics in MORB and Mantle Melting
8 MORB Mantle Melts - Phase Equilibrium Controls on Liquid Compositions
9 MORB Mantle Melts - Phase Equilibrium Controls on Solid Compositions
10 Undersaturated Magmas High K Continental
11 Kimberlites and Carbonatites, Untramafic Magmas, Komatiites
12 Magma Mixing and Crustal Assimilation
13 Mafic Systems
14 Wet vs. Dry Fractional Crystallization
15 The Significance of Igneous Rock Series
16 Hydrous Differentiation - The Role of Amphibole
17 Hydrous Mantle Melting - Phase Equilibrium Controls on Liquid Compositions
18 Felsic Magmas - Granites Phase Relations
19 Large Silicic Magmatic Systems
20 Hawaii and Iceland
21 CFBs (Continental Flood Basalts) - Compositional Diversity of Flood Basalt Magmas
22 CFBs - Phase Equilibrium Controls on their Mantle Sources
23 Bushveld, Stillwater, Skaergaard
24 Anorthosites
25 Lunar Highland and Maria
26 Howardites, Eucrites and Diogenites