Session 1

  • List/locate Uranium, Thorium and Actinium Series in the Periodic Table.
    • Explain the significance of these decay chains.
    • Identify Radon, Thoron and Actinon isotopes.
    • Reference: Handbook of Silicate Rock Analysis by Phil Pott.
  • List all the isotopes of Radon and their half-lifes.
  • Browse and list some radon publications from the Web site.
  • Study and comment on the radon potential of Texas, U.S.A.

Session 2

Current radon research in building and building materials:

  • Do literature survey, read and write briefly on:
    • Radon dose from ceramic tiles
    • Radon dose from clay bricks
    • Radon emanation of building material
    • Radon transport and the effect of moisture in concrete

Session 3

Study and provide salient features of:

  • BEIR IV Report - Executive Summary
  • BEIR VI Report - Executive Summary

Session 4

Write brief reports on health effects of radon from studies in:

  • Geology
  • Health Physics
  • Medicine