Lecture Notes

1 Course Introduction and Overview
Airline Schedule Planning (PPT)
2-6 Optimizing Flows on Networks
Multi-commodity Flows (PPT)
Multi-commodity Network Flows: A Keypath Formulation (PPT)
Multi-commodity Flows, Linear and Integer (PPT)
7 The Passenger Mix Problem (PPT)
8-11 The Fleet Assignment Problem (PPT)
14-17 Crew Scheduling, the Aircraft Routing Problem, and the Integrated Crew Pairing-Aircraft Routing Problem
The Crew Scheduling Problem (PPT)
Aircraft Maintenance Routing (PPT)
The Extended Crew Pairing Problem with Aircraft Maintenance Routing (PPT)
18 Integrated Fleeting Models
19 The Schedule Design Problem (PPT)

Operations Recovery
Airline Operations - Lecture #1 (PDF)
Airline Operations - Lecture #2 (PDF)
Airline Operations - Lecture #3 (PDF)

23-24 Robust Scheduling
New Approaches to Add Robustness into Airline Schedules (PPT)