1 Course Introduction and Overview
  • Airline Schedule Planning, Links to Operations
2-6 Optimizing Flows on Networks
  • Time-space Networks
  • Constrained Shortest Path Problems on Acyclic Shortest Paths
  • Multicommodity Flow Models (Node-arc, Path, Tree, Keypath-continuous and Integer)
  • Column and Row Generation Techniques
  • Branch-and-Bound
  • Branch-and-Price-and-Cut
  • Computational Experiences
  • OPL Studio
Assignment 1 Handed Out

Begin to Form Project Teams
7 The Passenger Mix Model
  • Model Description and Solution Algorithms
  • Review of Results by Kniker, et al. and Sensitivity Analysis of Lohatepanont
8-11 The Fleet Assignment Problem
  • Basic Models and Solution Approaches, and their Shortcomings
  • Itinerary-based Fleet Assignment- Model and Branch-and-Price-and-Cut Solution Techniques
  • Subnetwork-based Fleet Assignment- Model and Solution Approach
  • Fleet Assignment Model Extensions to Include Time Windows
  • Review of Results
Assignment 1 Due
12-13 Review and Quiz Assignment 2 Handed Out
14-17 Crew Scheduling, the Aircraft Routing Problem, and the Integrated Crew Pairing-Aircraft Routing Problem
  • Crew Pairing Problem, Bidline Generation/Rostering
  • Crew Pairing Problem Models and Solution Approaches
  • Branch on Follow-ons
  • Review of Results of Barnhart, et al.
  • Aircraft Routing Problem Models and Solution Approach-constrained Shortest Paths, Branch-and-Price
  • Integrated Crew Pairing and Aircraft Routing
Assignment 2 Due

Assignment 3 Handed Out
18 Integrated Fleeting Models
  • Integrated Crew Pairing and Fleet Assignment
  • Integrated Aircraft Routing and Fleet Assignment
19 The Schedule Design Problem
  • Demand and Supply Interactions
  • Network Wide, Schedule Improver Model and Solution Approach
  • Review of Results
Assignment 3 Due

Finalized Project Proposals Due
20-22 Operations Recovery
  • Overview of Operations Control Center
  • Aircraft and Passenger Delays
  • Flight Postponement and Cancellation Model
  • The Role of Simulation
23-24 Robust Scheduling
  • Robust Crew Scheduling
  • Robust Aircraft Routing
  • Degradable Schedule Design
25-26 Project Presentations and Reports Project Reports and Presentations Due