1 Database: Entity-relationship modeling  
2 Database: Normalization, SQL basics Problem set 0 due
3 Database: SQL joins, views, subqueries  
4 Database: JDBC Problem set 1 due
Data Structures
5 Algorithms: Analysis, complexity  
6 Stacks, queues, trees, dictionaries  
7 Graphs Problem set 2 due
8 Heaps, sets  
Divide-and-Conquer and Greedy Algorithms
9 Divide-conquer: Binary search, quicksort, selection  
10 Greedy: Knapsack, job sequence Problem set 3 due
11 Greedy: Minimum spanning trees  
12 Greedy/dynamic programming: Shortest paths  
  Quiz 1  
Dynamic Programming
13 Priniciple of optimality, resource allocation Problem set 4 due
14 Job scheduling, graph/tree generation  
15 Knapsack problem, set representation  
16 Branch and bound: Backtrack method, knapsack problem Problem set 5 due
17 Branch and bound: General method, facility location  
Linear and Nonlinear Optimization
18 Continuous constrained nonlinear optimization  
19 Network equilibrium Problem set 6 due
20 Linear systems  
21 Continuous unconstrained nonlinear optimization  
22 Unconstrained methods: Amoeba, BFGS, demand model estimation  
Approximate Queues and Network Designs
23 Analytic approximations: Network design Problem set 7 due
24 Approximate queuing analysis Problem set 8 due