M = Prof. Gregory Mcrae
P = Prof. Ronald Prinn

1 Introduction, Properties of the Atmosphere P, M
2 Combustion Sources and Stoichiometry M
3 Chemical Thermodynamics/Kinetics M
4 Radiative Transfer and Photochemistry M
5 Tropospheric Chemistry: CO M
6 Tropospheric Chemistry: NOx and Ozone M
7 Tropospheric Chemistry: HCHO and Ozone M Problem set 1 out
8 Tropospheric Chemistry: Complex Hydrocarbons M
9-10 Atmospheric Chemistry and Transport: Continuity Equation P Problem set 1 due in Lec #9
11 Atmospheric Chemical Transport Models: Basic Structures P
12-14 Tropospheric Chemistry: Homogeneous Processes M
15-16 Air Pollution Controls M Problem set 2 out in Lec #15
17 Integrated Assessment of Air Pollution M Problem set 2 due
18 Atmospheric Transport Models: Numerical Integration P
19 Incorporating Chemical and Physical Processes in Models P
20-21 Atmospheric Chemical Transport Models: Examples P Take-home exam out
22 Atmospheric Chemistry: Measurement Systems/Estimation P
23 Inverse Methods: Optimal Estimation P
24 Inverse Methods: Statistical Methods P Take-home exam due
25-27 Inverse Methods: Examples P