Unless otherwise noted, problems assigned by number refer to corresponding problems in the course text: Buy at Amazon Tester, J. W., and Modell, Michael. Thermodynamics and Its Applications. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR, 1996. ISBN: 9780139153563.

Session numbers indicate due dates for problem sets.

3 1st Law Open Systems Problem Set 1 (PDF)
7 1st and 2nd Laws Open and Closed Systems Problem Set 2 (PDF)
11 Availability and Calculus of Thermodynamics Problem Set 3 (PDF)
17 Legendre Transforms, Phase Rule, Equilibrium and Stability Criteria Problem Set 4 (PDF)
19 Pure Fluid Properties Coupled to 1st and 2nd Laws, Fugacity, Activity, Gibbs-Duhem Problem Set 5 (PDF)

Problem Set 5 Addendum (PDF)
27 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics Problem Set 6 (PDF)
31 Intermolecular Forces and Classical Statistical Mechanics Problem Set 7 (PDF)
35 Fluid Property Models from Statistical Mechanics - Virial and VDW EOS, Fluctuations and Light Scattering Problem Set 8 (PDF)
37 Molecular Simulation
Fluid Properties from Statistical Mechanics
Departure Functions
Problem Set 9 (PDF)
45 Phase Equilibria Problem Set 10 (PDF)
47 Phase and Chemical Equilibria Problem Set 11 (PDF)