Choose one of the possible choices for each question:

1) Benzodiazepines are

  1. GABA non competitive antagonists
  2. GABA non competitive agonists
  3. GABA competitive antagonists

2) The Topic Anesthetic Lidocaine

  1. blocks the Na+ channels
  2. blocks the Cl- channels
  3. blocks the Na+/K+ pump

3) The Drug NBQX is

  1. a NMDA receptors antagonist
  2. a AMPA receptors antagonist
  3. a GABA receptors agonist

4) The "Potency of a Drug" is

  1. the affinity of the drug for its receptor
  2. the biological effects exerted by the drug on its target
  3. the measure of the turn over of a drug

5) The Receptors for Dopamine or Norepinephrine are

  1. all metabotropic
  2. all ionotropic
  3. both

6) Atropin is

  1. a muscarinic receptor antagonist
  2. a pupillary dilatator
  3. both

7) In Parkinson Disease the Control of Movements is Modulated by Drugs that Affect

  1. cholinergic and dopaminergic transmission
  2. gabaergic and cholinergic transmission
  3. noradrenergic and serotoninergic transmission

8) Botulinum Toxins

  1. act in the synapses between two neurons
  2. block acetylcholine release
  3. induce a massive release of acetylcholine

9) Reserpine acts

  1. on the noradrenergic system
  2. on the serotoninergic system
  3. on both noradrenergic and serotoninergic systems

10) The Noradrenaline Producing Neurons are Mainly Localized

  1. in the locus coeruleous
  2. in the substantia nigra
  3. in the hippocampus

11) Which of the Following Drugs Affects Specifically the Serotoninergic System?

  1. Reserpine
  2. Fluoxatine
  3. Barbiturates

12) Which of the Following Drugs Induce Dependance

  1. Valium
  2. Prozac
  3. Lidocaine

13) Which of the Following Drugs is NOT used to Treat Anxiety Disorders?

  1. barbiturates
  2. benzodiazepines
  3. Vesamicol

14) Which Kind of Diet would Increase Serotonin Production?

  1. carbohydrates-rich diet
  2. protein-rich diet
  3. lipid-rich diet

15) What are the Possible Side-effects of CNS Depressants?

  1. sedation
  2. respiratory depression
  3. both

16) What is the Starting Reagent for the Synthesis of Serotonin?

  1. tyrosine
  2. choline
  3. tryptophan

17) Toxin in the Venom of the Black Widow Spider Induces

  1. a massive release of acetylcholine
  2. blockade of GABAergic transmission
  3. reduction of acetylcholine transmission

18) Which of the Following Drugs is an Inhibitor of Acetylcholinesterase?

  1. Neostygmine
  2. Nicotine
  3. Atropine

19) Firing of the Neurons in the Locus Coeruleus (LC) is Activated by

  1. corticotrophin releasing factor
  2. GABA
  3. serotonin

20) Possible Antidepressants are

  1. Monoamineoxidase's inhibitors
  2. Cortisol
  3. Domoic Acid