Weekly Assignment

Each student is expected to read the assigned two papers per week. Students should formulate questions as they read the papers and are required to submit at least one question per paper to the instructor by 10 am each day of class. Questions may pertain to the organization, data, or techniques presented in each paper. Students are encouraged to think critically about each paper in terms of the validity of the data presented and what kind of follow up experiments one might pursue.

Assignment 1

For Ses #10, each student will submit a two page written essay describing an enzyme and an appropriate strategy for the directed evolution of this enzyme, including both library generation and catalyst selection. The student is required to speak with the instructor before selecting an enzyme for this exercise to have his or her choice approved. The essay should also contain potential pitfalls of the strategy proposed.

Assignment 2

During the final session, students will each give an oral presentation about a paper not previously discussed in class. Papers will be chosen from an approved list with the help of the instructor.