A Global History of Architecture Writing Seminar

Photograph of a tower with carved face, part of the Angkor city gates.

City gates of Angkor Thorn, Cambodia. (Photograph courtesy of shapeshift on Flickr.)


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Spring 2008



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This course features videos of the student final presentations, each of which is intended as a lecture for an undergraduate survey course.

Course Description

This course will study the question of Global Architecture from the point of view of producing a set of lectures on that subject. The course will be run in the form of a writing seminar, except that students will be asked to prepare for the final class an hour-long lecture for an undergraduate survey course. During the semester, students will study the debates about where to locate "the global" and do some comparative analysis of various textbooks. The topic of the final lecture will be worked on during the semester. For that lecture, students will be asked to identify the themes of the survey course, and hand in the bibliography and reading list for their lecture.

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