The work of the students in the workshop is presented here, along with brief statements on their work. The work is courtesy of the student named, and used with permission.

Sandra Baron

"As a growing population we could greatly benefit from looking beyond the obvious spatial boundaries and into the more ambiguous areas of the semi-public and the visual. We tend to be spatially acquisitive and feel comfortable behind the definite boundary of our white picket fence. The question exists: can we ever look at space as a shared entity? And on the topic of non-physical space, could we ever embrace the idea of the visual as a public right and benefit to a point where it is preserved and on some occasions designed?" (Read the full text here: PDF)

Merritt Tam

"Society teaches us to focus on objects and things; when we look at a city, we see the buildings and structures; when we visit a museum, we focus on the objects of art. What many of us fail to realize is the importance of the space between, around, and within those objects." (Read the full text here: PDF)

All images in this gallery are courtesy of Merritt Tam.

Jae Rhim Lee

All images in this gallery are courtesy of Jae Rhim Lee.