Assignment 1

Find a reference from paintings, text, music, sculpture or any other art form that demonstrates the nature of the Space Between. Make a diagram of how the space is related to the object and how the Space Between is as important as the object.

Assignment 2

Find a house, either from history or modern times, which demonstrates the Space Between. Examples might include courtyard houses, Roman houses, "shotgun houses", Italian houses, Spanish houses or any house where space is as important as the object. Build a model of only the space and try to understand the different kinds of space demonstrated.

Assignment 3

Using the house as a model, think of the village or community that the house comes from. Try to understand the space of the streets, parks, plazas and all the space that makes up the public framework. Build a model of the different kinds of space and understand the transitions between the outside and inside of the house.

Assignment 4

Using a part of the North End, explore the area by sketching or photographing the various kinds of spaces - both of paths and places. Try to find a range of spaces that we can discuss in class, focusing on how the area is shaped by theses Spaces Between.

Assignment 5

Using the information you have gathered, build a Space Between model of the area. Try using materials that experiment with different ways of representing and showing space.

Assignment 6

For this last assignment we will look at an area in more detail, building a model of the transitions of space. These large scale models will be the point of focus of the final review.