The Business of Politics: A View of Latin America

A colorful poster with a smiling man and woman is attached to a telephone pole.

A banner promotes the campaign of Danilo Medina and his running mate Margarita Cedeño de Fernández during the 2012 Presidential election in the Dominican Republic. (Image courtesy of Matt Green on flickr. CC BY-NC-SA.)


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Course Description

This class looks at the birth and international expansion of an American industry of political marketing, with a special emphasis on Latin America. We will focus our attention on the cultural processes, sociopolitical contexts and moral utopias that shape the practice of political marketing in the U.S. and in different Latin American countries. By looking at the debates and expert practices at the core of the business of politics, we will explore how the "universal" concept of democracy is interpreted and reworked as it travels through space and time. Specifically, we will study how different groups experimenting with political marketing in different cultural contexts understand the role of citizens in a democracy.

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Maria Vidart-Delgado. 21A.506 The Business of Politics: A View of Latin America. Spring 2014. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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