Students beginning 16.622 must have completed a Design Proposal in 16.621, during the previous semester, in order to proceed. Having completed the design proposal in advance, student teams in 16.622 devote their time to setting up, conducting, and concluding their experiments in the time allotted. They are required to report on their progress in a number of ways. Formally, mid-term and final oral reports must be delivered, and a final report must be submitted. Samples of these reports, along with each team's 16.621 Design Proposal (with which they began 16.622), are included in this section.

Bennett, W., and S. Alziati. "Simulating and Testing Ice Screw Performance in the Laboratory." Bennett, Fall 2002 (PDF) Spring 2003
Presentation Video (MP4 - 29 MB)

Accompanying Slides (PDF) Courtesy of Stefano Alziati and Warren Bennett.
Spring 2003 (PDF) Courtesy of Warren Bennett and Stefano Alziati.
Bounova, G., and T. de Mierry. "Control Algorithms for Space Tug Rendezvous." de Mierry, Fall 2002 (PDF)    
Arnold, J., and P. Echeverri. "Expandable Foam Impact Attenuation For Small Parafoil Payload Packages."

Echeverri, Spring 2003 (PDF) Courtesy of Paula Echeverri.
Arnold (PDF) Courtesy of Julie Arnold.

Presentation (PDF) Courtesy of Julie Arnold and Paula Echeverri. Final Report (PDF) Courtesy of Julie Arnold and Paula Echeverri.
Utter, D., and K. McCoy. "Superior Unobstructed Vision (SUV) Camera."      
Nyenke, C., and S. Qu. "Development of Advanced Terrain Awareness and Warning Display System." Qu, Spring 2003 (PDF) Courtesy of Shen Qu.

Nyenke, Spring 2003 (PDF) Courtesy of Chinwe Nyenke.
  Fall 2003 (PDF) Courtesy of Chinwe Nyenke and Shen Qu.


Writing Resources

Guidelines for Progress Reports (PDF)

Guidelines for Multi-section Reports (PDF)