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Instructor Insights pages are part of the OCW Educator initiative, which seeks to enhance the value of OCW for educators.

Resource Overview

Guidelines for Teaching @ MIT and Beyond outlines elements that should be considered when designing, delivering, and assessing educational experiences for students. The resource includes links to research supporting the guidelines and examples of how MIT instructors implement the guidelines in their classrooms.

The guidelines were adapted by the MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory from the New South Wales' Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching and its associated Toolkit. These resources have now been expanded as a generic Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching website with examples written in a format to encourage other universities to draft their own set of guidelines and examples.

The instructor insights on this page are shared by Darshita (Dipa) Shah, the Associate Director Director of the MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) and Leann Dobranski, the Assistant Director of TLL. Their insights focus on the history behind TLL's adaptation of the guidelines, how the guidelines are useful and support the work of TLL, and how TLL hopes to further adapt the guidelines in the future.

Resource Outcomes

Resource Goals for Instructors at MIT and Beyond


Instructor Insights

Graphic depicting three broad categories of guidelines for teaching: design, delivery, and assessment.

The guidelines are grouped into three broad categories: design, delivery, and assessment. (Image by MIT Teaching and Learning Laboratory.)

Below, Dipa Shah and Leann Dobranksi describe various aspects of how TLL developed Guidelines for Teaching @ MIT and Beyond and how TLL uses the guidelines in their work with MIT instructors.