Girls Who Build Cameras

A photograph of a girl holding parts of a programmable camera as part of the Girls Who Build Cameras workshop.

Girls built and programmed their own Raspberry Pi cameras as part of the Girls Who Build Cameras workshop. (Courtesy of Jon Barron, MIT Lincoln Laboratory.)


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The Girls Who Build Cameras workshop for high school girls is a one-day, hands-on introduction to camera physics and technology (i.e. how Instagram works!) at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Beaverworks Center. The workshop includes tearing down old dSLR cameras, building a Raspberry Pi camera, and designing Instagram filters and Photoshop tools. Participants also get to listen to keynote speakers from the camera technology industry, including Kris Clark who engineers space cameras for NASA and MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and Uyanga Tsedev who creates imaging probes to help surgeons find tumors at MIT. During lunch, representatives from the Society of Women Engineers and the Women's Technology Program at MIT will present future opportunities to get involved in engineering in high school and college.

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Kristen Railey, Bob Schulein, Olivia Glennon, Leslie Watkins, Alex Lorman, Carol Carveth, and Sara James. RES.2-006 Girls Who Build Cameras. Summer 2016. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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