Audio and Speaker Electronics

A photo of a laptop connected to a pair of custom speakers.

An example of a set of speakers made in class. (Image courtesy of Michael Price.)


Michael Price

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Course Description

Join me for a hands-on ride through the fundamentals of electronics and acoustics and the process of loudspeaker design and construction. We will learn about the engineering and art involved throughout music/movie recording and playback, the design and application of everything from microphones to DACs, amplifiers, and speakers. With the aid of computer assisted audio measuring equipment at the MIT Edgerton Center, we will analyze the frequency response and distortion of speaker drivers, and understand their effect on what we hear. Then we design our own speakers—driver selection, crossover networks, and enclosure design—and build them in class!

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View an introduction from the instructor outlining the aims of the course.

More introductory videos are available in Meet the Instructor Videos.

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