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About OCW Scholar courses

Discover. Refresh. Grow.



Designed for anyone interested in mastering foundational subjects at the college level, OCW Scholar courses offer all the resources you need to learn independently. The courses are based on materials MIT students use in classrooms and also include special custom-created content. The materials are arranged in logical sequences and supplemented with multimedia such as video lectures, help-session videos, and simulations.


OCW Scholar course modules make it easy for you to pick and choose specific topics or units within each course for you to refresh your understanding. You are welcome to download the entire course and work through the material on your computer—without having to connect online. Just note that videos are not included in the zip downloads, though you can still find them on our popular YouTube and iTunesU channels.


OCW Scholar courses make great companions on your lifelong learning journey. Whether you are intent on calculus or chemical bonding, psychology or computer science, OCW Scholar courses make learning a fascinating adventure. You’ll be guided by the same renown instructors that MIT students study with. So go ahead and dive into these courses to extend or brush up your knowledge.

OCW Scholar courses are made possible by a generous grant from the Stanton Foundation.

We welcome your support of MIT OpenCourseWare. Your gift to MIT OpenCourseWare demonstrates your commitment to knowledge as a public good and is an important part of OCW's overall sustainability plan.