Educational Theory and Practice I

A teacher stands in a classroom with students seated and taking notes. The governor of Massachusetts sits with the students.

Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick (seated 2nd to the left), visits a classroom at the University Park Campus School in Worcester, MA. (Image courtesy of Eugene Ossi and the Office of the Governor on Flickr.)


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Course Description

Course Description

This course is designed to prepare you for a successful student teaching experience. Some of the major themes and activities are: analysis of yourself as a teacher and as a learner, subject knowledge, adolescent development, student learning styles, lesson planning, assessment strategies, classroom management techniques and differentiated instruction. The course requires significant personal involvement and time. You will observe high school classes, begin to pursue a more active role in the classroom in the latter part of the semester, do reflective writings on what you see and think (journal), design and teach a mini-lesson, design a major curriculum unit and engage in our classroom discussions and activities.

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