Lecture Notes

Part One: Growth and Scale

Introduction to global health

Challenges in reaching scale and why we focus on business models

Class 1: Scale and business models (PDF - 3.5MB)

Cooperative approaches as growth strategies

Case discussion: Hello Healthcare

In-class call with CEO York Zucchi

Class 2: Cooperative approaches (PDF)

Innovations in operational efficiency and potential for scaling up

Case discussion: Riders for Health

Class 3: Operational efficiency and scaling up (PDF - 1.7MB)

Business thinking, innovation and scale

Case discussion: Avahan India AIDS Initiative

Class 4: Business thinking (PDF - 1.3MB)
Part Two: Philanthropy and Partnerships
5 Workshop on strategy: Work in your teams to apply a strategy framework to the organization you are studying for your mini-case

Class 5: Strategy (PDF)

Blank care delivery value chain (PPT), (PDF)


Public-private collaboration

Case discussion: SMS for Life

Class 6: Public-private collaboration (PDF)
Part Three: Promising Business Models

Innovative strategy meets innovative operations: A systems thinking assessment

Case discussion: Aravind Eye Clinic and the application of strategy to the enterprise

Class 7: Systems thinking (PDF - 1.5MB)

Franchise models

Case discussion: Living Goods and the promise of business-format franchise models

Class 8: Franchise models (PDF - 1.4MB)

Organizational sustainability and scale

Case discussion: Narayana Hrudayalaya

Class 9: Sustainability and scale (PDF)
Part Four: New Ideas and Challenging Tradeoffs in Scale, Sustainability, and Impact

First set of student team presentations

Special guest: Rebecca Weintraub

Discussion on links to learning and innovation theme

No lecture notes.

Second set of student team presentations

Special guests: Tricia Morente and Ratan Tata

Discussion on transfer and reverse innovation

No lecture notes.

Third set of student team presentations

Special guests: Srishti Gupta and Heather Megosh

Wrap-up discussion reflecting on class themes

No lecture notes.