Foundations of Theater Practice

Puck pursues Peaseblossom across a clearing, surrounded by large paper lanterns on tall bamboo poles. An orchestra plays behind them.

Student actors, singers, and musicians share the stage in A Midsummer Night's Dream, performing text by William Shakespeare and music by Felix Mendelssohn. (Photo by Meng Heng Touch. Used with permission.)


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Fall 2009



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Course Description

The goals of this class are two-fold: the first is to experience the creative processes and storytelling behind several of theater's arts and to acquire the analytical skills necessary in assessing the meaning they transmit when they come together in production. Secondly, we will introduce you to these languages in a creative way by giving you hands-on experience in each. To that end, several Visiting Artists and MIT faculty in Theater Arts will guest lecture, lead workshops, and give you practical instruction in their individual art forms.

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