MATLAB® is used extensively in this course. The scripts will be provided via a downloadable "toolkit", with instructions for its use within a pre-existent MATLAB installation. The scripts are an integral part of the course. Students are expected to use them extensively.

The scripts are user friendly and come with the MATLAB help feature enabled: Once in MATLAB, the commands "help 311TC" and "help 18311" display a list of the available scripts, with a short description of what they do. Individual help is also available for each script. Note also that there is plenty more information buried in the comments inside each script.

Download MATLAB Toolkit (ZIP)

After you expand the download, you will get a folder with:

  1. A text file with installation instructions.
  2. A special MATLAB script needed for the installation.
  3. A folder with the toolkit scripts.

Note to OCW Users: MIT OpenCourseWare does not provide student access or discounts for MATLAB software. It can be purchased from The MathWorks®. For more information about MATLAB Pricing and Licensing, contact The MathWorks directly.